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IELTS Express

IELTS Express

Last minute IELTS preparation. Ideal for those who need to get familiar with test format and strategies.

IELTS Master

IELTS Master

Comprehensive IELTS preparation. Ideal for those who want to improve their English skills and get familiar with the test format and strategies.

IELTS Master Plus

IELTS Master Plus

Complete IELTS preparation. Ideal for those who want to improve their English skills, get familiar with the test and receive personalised assessment and feedback.

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Not sure what to study or how to go about it? IELTS Online provides you a clear path to success with an easy to use interface and a simple step by step course structure. Throughout your study you can track your progress with the Activities Summary and Study Planner; IELTS Online guides you through the entire process, right up to the day of the exam.

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Don't stress out over finding IELTS practice tests, study notes or learning the exam format. You get everything you need to succeed, accessible online, anywhere, anytime. IELTS Online has been carefully designed and developed, so you won't miss out on any hints, tips or knowledge needed to get a good score.

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Studying for the IELTS test involves more than just reading and writing. Our IELTS preparation courses involve practical activities in listening and speaking, allowing you to listen to audio samples and record your own speaking that can be submitted for assessment by qualified IELTS Tutors.

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More than just an English course

Being successful in IELTS requires more than just good English skills. We teach you about the exam format, how to approach different question types, prepare on the day of the test and other hidden strategies that will boost your confidence.

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Svetlana Starodubtseva

I have never used such a wonderful course. There are four Modules and they have allowed me to know and learn more. Particularly, in the Writing Module, it was useful to see examples of essays. In the Speaking Module it was useful to see the progression of the whole Interview and being able to hear the Interview as well as view the Transcript simultaneously, was very helpful. The "Language Focus" section helped me to refresh and improve my knowledge of Grammar. I highly recommend this Master IELTS course for people who would like to improve their own score on the IELTS test and their General English also.

Svetlana Starodubtseva, Russia